Hotel California

Everybody knows the famous American song “Hotel California”, but what many people don’t know is that California has one of the highest rates of tourism in the United States and the world, which means it also has one of the most successful tourism industries as well.

There is something about the great state of California that is alluring to people from all around the world. No matter what country anyone is from, they have probably heard of the glitz, glamor, and culture of the state. Perhaps what is more interesting is that the hotels in the state are more popular than some of the state’s most famous attractions.

A rich history

California’s main appeal is its history not only in a US sense, but worldwide. Home to Hollywood and the root of American celebrity culture, there is no doubt that the glamor of California is a product of diversity and travel to the state. Many that have come have never left, which is why there is such a demand for lodging and hotel culture.

No matter how or where you find yourself traveling to California, rest assured that it is the prime destination for travelers of all shapes and sizes and that once you get there you may never want to leave. As someone that is interested in judging the hotel business one a worldwide scale, I can safely say that California is one of the best cities in the world as far as hotels go.

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