Chain hotels

Chain hotels are all over the place, and chances are that most people recognize them by name. They are the ones that we see advertised on our favorite television shows, our favorite sports game, or just see driving down the road.

But are all they are cracked up to be? Well the answer is yes and no. Think about chain hotels the same way you think of chain restaurants. Maybe not fast food ones, but one step above. Chain hotels are a good balance between price and comfort, but make sure you know what you are getting.

The downside and upside

The upside to chain hotels is that you know exactly what your experience is going to be like. A chain hotel in California is likely the same as the same chain in New York. This offers a level of familiarity for guests that do not like to venture outside of what they are used to.

On the other hand, just like the restaurants, there is really no way to expect anything different. You may find that chain hotels have kept you unaware of what other hotels have to offer. In addition, chain hotels are not available everywhere, so you may be forced to step outside of your comfort zone.


Choosing a chain hotel is much like being with someone you know very well. You know exactly what to expect, but you may find yourself stifled in not seeing what is out there. In some cases it may pay to explore other options.

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