Why hotels with pools are so expensive

Usually the first thing that anyone asks when booking a hotel is whether or not they have a pool. It is almost amazing that there still exist hotels and motels without, however there is a reason for this, and on that many people don’t think of.

Consider for a second the cost associated with having your own pool. Most families actually can’t afford it, and those that can will tell you that even the upkeep is nothing to smile about. However, there exists something known as a pool repair plantation, which services a number of pools in the area.

For example, one company in charge of swimming pool services, that might service an entire area, both commercially and residentially, which might not be available in all areas.

So what you get

Is a sort of divide between the areas where all hotels have pools, and other areas where no hotels have pools. Worse yet, you get areas where pools are so expensive to have in hotels, that the hotels that do are incredibly more expensive to stay at.

In this case, it is a product of pool and deck patio resurfacing where one company is either in charge of all the pools in hotels in the area, or if only a few have the money to contract to outside companies, which then means you must pay more for your stay. It is a tricky part about picking a hotel, but it is even trickier for hotels that want to attract customers.


When it comes to choosing the right hotel with a pool, there is really no way to tell whether or not it will be more expensive than those without unless you do a thorough research. In some cases, it simply depends on the area and the contract that they have with the local pool repair companies.

In order to effectively plan your vacation, it becomes essential to look at the finer points of what makes travel and hotels tick. In the event that you cannot find a hotel with a pool in your area, simply check in another city perhaps, but just as close to your destination and you might find what you are looking for.

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