Travel in Japan

In some ways, Shikoku is the forgotten Island of Japan. When people think about Japan, they think about the large cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and so on. But what they don’t know is that there is a rich history on the smallest and least populated island of the country. One that cannot be read about in textbooks or on television, but one that must been seen to believe.

Fishing, farming, and other rural disciplines are an integral part of the way Japan came up into the modern world and how it has made its name in the world as a cultural and technologically based epicenter that it is. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Japan.

Back to basics

What makes Shikoku so appealing to tourists is the same thing that makes the rural United States appealing to tourists. People often have ideas in their mind regarding the culture of the country, and many people know nothing about its roots.

Sure, we are not all history majors, and people pick and choose what to believe about countries, but this is no excuse to not consider that they are just as important. For many years, I have been an advocate of Shikoku and its tourism destination.

People should realize that the rural locations of these large and powerful countries are just as important as the large and powerful cities. And the only way to truly appreciate the beautiful roots of the country is to visit its less inhabited islands.

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