The season is finally here

The long winter (at least where I’m from) has finally passed and given way to a beautiful spring, or as I like to call it, travel season. Now is the time to take your hard earned money from a long winter of working and go out and have fun! When choosing where to go and what to do, one of the first things should be choosing which hotel to sleep in.

To some, the hotel doesn’t matter. All they want is a roof over their head, some clean sheets, and maybe a television to watch if they get bored. But so much more goes into finding the right hotel than that.

Maximizing your stay

Now of course the first thing people look at when it comes to staying in hotels is price. Price can dictate how luxurious a hotel is, but it is not always the sole indicator of quality. Online reviews can help, but they are not always accurate, and sifting through bad reviews may be necessary.

From my experience, the best hotels are the ones that have a 3 or 3.5 star rating on sites. Why? Because these are the hotels that virtually anyone can afford, and even with the negative reviews, shows an overall positive experience.


3 star hotels are the best indicator of balancing price and quality. And while this may seem like setting the bar low, the fact is that many hotels with 5 star reviews are either super expensive and only a select few people could afford to review them at all.

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